Course Information

The Crystal Healing Certificate course offers students the opportunity to learn all about the healing power of crystals. This training course provides all the necessary information to help you begin a career in this field. This course is ideal for therapists, medical students, or for others who wish to learn more about this subject.

The use of contemporary and alternative medicine is a rapidly increasing trend. Crystal therapy, or crystal healing, is a form of alternative medicine, or vibrational medicine that involves the application of crystals or gemstones. As you work through this online training course, you will obtain a comprehensive overview into how these crystals are utilised, the conditions they treat, and the different types of crystals that are used.


This online training course covers the following:

  • An introduction to crystal healing
  • An introduction to the healing properties of amethyst
  • An introduction to the healing properties of apatite
  • An overview of green serpentine and its uses
  • An overview of turquoise gemstone and its uses
  • An overview of quartz and its uses
  • The bloodstone and its various uses
  • How to choose the right crystals

Crystal Healing - Certificate

  • Before starting this cousre, please ensure that you read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FORM. All course content will be downloadable and compressed in a ZIP File. Prior to completing the course, you will be required to take ALL of the course's modual Worksheet/tests. Please return once all has been completed. After successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate which will be downloadable and sent to you via email.