Divine Beauty Therapy Academy is  (IPHM) International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Accredited and delivers Industry Recognized Beauty and Holistic courses, both Practical and Online that will help learners from all backgrounds to excel. Divine Beauty Therapy Academy is a guarantee of quality expertise training academy, which has been evaluated and approved by a panel of highly experienced Professionals. We are able to maintain the highest of standards of Beauty and Natural Therapies for the benefit of Practitioners and Clients who require Professional private Treatments. Our accreditation appears on all of our Certificate that are issued upon completion of courses taken, once verified as a Professional Practitioner, you'll be able to obtain Membership and recommendable Insurance via the IPHM Accreditation Board



We are committed to healing and elevating you to your highest heights at

Divine Beauty Therapy Academy.

Explore and live your life purpose with balance & peace

Divine Beauty Therapy Academy - Connecting  Mind Body & Soul provides workshops and one to one sessions to those who want to take the journey into Evolving Spiritually, Healing Thyself, Promoting Self Love and Developing The Well-being of your Mind Body and Soul.

Workshops Will Include:

• Meditation
• Self Love
• Chakra Healing
• Crystals And They're Purposes
• Self Healing
and More..

One to One Sessions:

Chakra Crystal Healing

Sound Healing

Energy Work

Self Development

Shadow Work

Ancestral Healing

Tarot Readings

*To book a one to one session, please contact us via email. Our Contact form is on the Home page below.

If you would like to join us at our next connecting mind body and soul workshop event, please subscribe to our website for future updates and ticket information.


Promting A Heathly Lifestyle

Divine Beauty Therapy Academy also believes in having a healthy lifestyle by building the up immune system and cognitive brain development. We have invested and become a franchise with Juice Plus which is a great benefit to our everyday life's. For more information, head over to our Juice Plus website.